Drew’s leaders collaborate both inside and outside the school’s walls, resulting in a stronger school, a student-centered culture, and enriching opportunities for kids. 

Clearly defined ownership allows for a rich ecosystem of leaders and partners to design a school that works. 

Watch some magic

Watch Drew’s Director of Strategic Partnerships Lindsey Luczynski explain Drew’s partnership with SunTrust and its impact on financial literacy in the school and community. 

Collaboration both inside and outside the school walls: What it means and how we get there

Asset-based partnerships 

Collaboration with external partners brings new talent and innovation into the school and provides students with an authentic learning experience aligned to real world careers. 

  • Partnerships with local universities provide professional development for teachers and exciting content for student projects. Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture designed projects focused on crime scene investigation, folk art, and mathematics for students. Similarly, Georgia State’s School of Music provides teachers with on-going support in art and technology integration.

  • A number of partnerships with businesses such as SunTrust and Perkins + Will provide captivating student learning experiences such as running a miniature bank and math instruction that incorporates real-world geometry from a top-notch architecture firm. 

  • Partnering with service organizations such as AmeriCorps provides extra support for struggling students through daily tutoring in math and science.

  • Local community organizations continuously support Drew students by providing unique experiences. The East Lake Golf Club specifically provides students with real-world opportunities by offering internships throughout the year and during events such as the PGA tour playoffs for the FedEx cup. 

Supportive school leadership

Drew’s leaders view themselves as one of many critical factors in a school’s success, and lean heavily on teachers and external partners to bring best-in-class research-based practices into Drew.

  • School leaders are patient with change, often assembling teams of teachers to steward new strategies and instructional practices in the school.

  • Drew is supported by mission-aligned external professional development partners including the Rollins School and Westminster.

Active board leadership

Maintaining an active board helps to ensure Drew reaches its goals through collaboration and strategic planning.

  • Drew’s board is aligned with the greater mission of the East Lake Foundation, which ensures that Drew is meeting the needs of the community and its families. 

  • The board provides governance and oversight to the school, and holds school leadership accountable for Drew’s strategic plan and goals. The governing board and school leaders meet regularly to review strategic priorities. 

  • Major school planning committees, such as the “Teaching and Learning Committee," have board representation to ensure an alignment between the board and the school

  • Partners sign Memorandums of Understanding at the beginning of each school year, outlining roles and responsibilities that support the school's goals. 

Partners and resources

A Race to the Top Innovation Grant allowed Drew teachers to partner with the Georgia Tech College of Architecture.

Perkins + Will designed the Drew Charter School Senior Academy and continues to be involved in the school and its projects, especially in the math curriculum. 

SunTrust has a holistic partnership with the East Lake Foundation and Drew Charter School, including the SunTrust / Drew Youth Bank.

Drew Charter School works in close partnership with the East Lake Foundation, ensuring that the entire community of East Lake and the residents of the Villages at East Lake are served through the school.

You can learn about other partnerships related to specific aspects of Drew’s work using the “Explore Drew" section below.


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